The Lonely American Man [Hidden Brain]

2018-02-03-17-38-09.jpgThis #podcast from Hidden Brain is, for me, an exploration into men and the characters they’re allowed to display. We encourage the existence of certain “male traits” within the men of our culture, and we disallow others.  The episode is an exploration of how some characters that are present in young boys—friendship, openness, sensitivity and friend-love—are often destroyed by the time boys become men. There’s a powerful “masculine” cultural tide in which children are raised, a tide that can be difficult to swim against. Parents are “worried” that their boys are “too sensitive,” a trait that flies in the face of “masculinity” in the U.S.

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What’s it Like to be Rich? Ask the People Who Manage Billionaires’ Money [Hidden Brain]

MoneyIt’s an under-cover story: become a wealth manager so you can learn about the uber-wealthy world, based not just on your own experience, but by talking to others doing the same work.


Brooke Harrington, author of the book Capital without Borders, offers a compelling peak into a world most of us can’t comprehend. A world where passports and visas aren’t needed when traveling by private jet from one nation to another. Where, for the super-rich, the laws “are nothing; they might as well not exist.”  Where people test the commitment and connections of their wealth managers by sending them off in search of smoked salmon and lost jewelry.

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