Downloading Guidance


Listed below are links to sites that offer overviews on what podcasts are and how to access them on your iPhone or android phone. Also listed are links to information provided by Apple/iTunes. The last two are podcast shows (Criminal and Serial) that include “how to” guides on their web pages. Also, see if your phone provides instructions on using podcasts. And if you’re still confused, check out YouTube.

  1. Lifewire: How to Download Podcasts, Mark Harris, 1/30/17
  2. Digital Trends: How to Download and Listen to Podcasts on Android or IOS, Will Nicol, 4/18/16
  3. Wikipedia information re: podcasts
  4. Apple/iTunes Discovering Podcasts
  5. Apple/iTunes FAQ For Podcast Fans
  6. Criminal: How to Listen Guide and Instructions
  7. Serial: How to Listen video and instructions


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