The Pill [50 Things That Made the Modern Economy]

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Nature, plants and sex

Humans have sex. A potential consequence of sex is pregnancy. When pregnancy is unwanted, people come up with all sorts of ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Crocodile dung in Ancient Egypt. Half a lemon as a cervical cap.

The birth control pill is one of those many pregnancy-prevention systems developed over the years. One of the things that stands out about the Pill is its effectiveness at preventing unwanted pregnancies.  The Pill has a 6% failure rate under typical use, versus an 18% failure rate for condoms.  The sponge and the diaphragm have a similar failure rate.  When the Pill is used optimally, the failure rate is even lower.

What was most interesting about this show was how they talked about the profound social and economic effects the Pill had on society, especially for women.  First, for married women; and then, for young, unmarried women.

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The Christian Doctor Fighting for a Woman’s Right to Choose [Only Human]

Dr. Willie Parker

A woman’s “right to choose” is a divisive topic.  I first heard Dr. Willie Parker, a Christian, on the podcast, Only Human.  He chose women’s health as his specialty and became an obstetrician gynecologist.  He talks about the road he traveled with regard to his beliefs, moving from a “Fundamentalist, Protestant born-again Christian” upbringing—where he was taught abortion was wrong—to specializing in “providing safe abortions in the Deep South.”

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