About Me

2017-04-01 11.34.19
Bodega Head 2017

I’m pretty ordinary; ordinary clothes, car, house. It’s how I show up in the world. Nothing fancy.

Then there’s my inner landscape. The place I travel in my mind, the thoughts I think, the things I wonder about, the efforts to get myself to change my perspective; to shake up my world views.

One way I do this is listening to podcasts. Especially podcasts that talk about things that are not part of my normal, ordinary, external world. Topics outside my middle-class, mostly white, mostly safe, Northern California bubble.

It didn’t start that way. My first podcast was Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me, a public broadcasting podcast that delivered news in an entertaining format.

That got me hooked. That initial sip led me down a rabbit hole of podcast explorations. I still listen to shows for entertainment, but my list now includes shows that delve into deep investigative reporting, address politics and civic education, discuss issues about being human, talk about education, race, technology, privacy, and an amazing collection of perspective-changing subjects.

Podcasts go anywhere. Walking. Driving. Doing dishes. Stretching. Wherever music goes, so go podcasts. Radio on the fly; learning on the run.

My life feels richer listening to podcasts; the same feeling I get when I read an amazing book. With podcasts, I can get that experience in short bursts. Listening to podcasts is part of my routine. As I move through my ordinary world, I get to have extraordinary moments.


2 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Thanks for checking it out and that you found it interesting. I find folks are either huge fans of podcasts or have never listened. I have one friend who, once she was introduced to Serial, became a podcast fan.


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