More Podcasts to Try

Civics 101 Podcast

Short segments that give an overview to, and some history of, concepts and terminologies connected to the workings of our Federal government. This is a great refresher. The segments are long enough to deliver meat and context, and short enough to not overwhelm.  Host: Virginia Prescott. From: New Hampshire Public Radio. Frequency: around 1-2 shows/week. Approximate Length: around 15 minutes.


Note to Self Podcast

Photo Credit: Note to Self, WNYC Studios

If you have ambivalent feelings about the amount of technology and the pace at which it changes and your own humanity, this is a good place to check in and see how others are dealing with it. This podcast addresses the intersection of our lives with technology, approaching it from the human perspective. The program acknowledges tension between the benefits and risks of technologies such as our phones, Facebook and other social media platforms. It frequently addresses topics such as privacy, surveillance and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).  The podcast maintains a light and playful tone, even though there’s a dark side. And you get episodes like “Can Your Phone make You Better in Bed?Host: Manoush Zomorodi. From: WNYC Studios.  Frequency: about once a week. Approximate Length: around 15-30 minutes.