Filibuster – Update! [On the Media]

2016-12-27 19.41.29 (2)My “What’s a Filibuster?” post provided a short filibuster lesson, taken from the Civics 101 podcast. Senate Republicans have since eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations, a decision referred to as the “nuclear option.”

After the “nuclear” decision, On The Media delivered helpful historic context about the filibuster, stuff I hadn’t gotten from the Civics 101 episode.  If you want a quick overview with some more “filibuster flesh,” listen to Brooke Gladstone’s interview of guest Sarah Binder. Binder, a professor of political science at George Washington University and author of Stalemate: Causes and Consequences of Legislative Gridlock, had thoughts about the “fabled filibuster.”

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What’s a Filibuster? [Civics 101]

My head is about to explode; I’ve been following Washington’s attempts to govern this past week. The news headlines are breathily reporting the Democrats will filibuster Neil Gorsuch’s nomination for the Supreme Court. No! Not the filibuster! Continue reading “What’s a Filibuster? [Civics 101]”