A Frank Conversation with a White Nationalist [Reveal]

Al Letson, Reveal’s African American podcast host, talks with Richard Spencer, a white supremacist and President of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank. This was an uncomfortable podcast to listen to, but I’m glad I did. I valued the civility and Letson’s willingness to disagree and push back; but Richard Spencer’s ideas, as an alt-right leader, are unsettling.

Here’s a taste of what they talked about.

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The Christian Doctor Fighting for a Woman’s Right to Choose [Only Human]

Dr. Willie Parker

A woman’s “right to choose” is a divisive topic.  I first heard Dr. Willie Parker, a Christian, on the podcast, Only Human.  He chose women’s health as his specialty and became an obstetrician gynecologist.  He talks about the road he traveled with regard to his beliefs, moving from a “Fundamentalist, Protestant born-again Christian” upbringing—where he was taught abortion was wrong—to specializing in “providing safe abortions in the Deep South.”

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The San Rafael 420 Waldos [Criminal]

420Sonoma County is bursting to become a marijuana mecca. Wine, beer, hard cider and spirits aren’t enough. Time to build out our cannabis resume. Can we claim some valuable, credible history by being close to the birthplace of the infamous “420” reference? Founded right down the highway. In Marin. By the Waldos.

Want details? Tune in to Criminal to find out about the Waldos, their early ‘70’s marijuana treasure hunt, and the evidence they have that proves they were the point of origin for the 420 term.

And by-the-way, as of March 2017, 420 is officially a word in the Oxford English Dictionary.

  • Podcast: Criminal
  • Episode #64: 420
  • Host: Phoebe Judge
  • Date: 4/7/17
  • Duration: 14:10