A Frank Conversation with a White Nationalist [Reveal]

Al Letson, Reveal’s African American podcast host, talks with Richard Spencer, a white supremacist and President of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank. This was an uncomfortable podcast to listen to, but I’m glad I did. I valued the civility and Letson’s willingness to disagree and push back; but Richard Spencer’s ideas, as an alt-right leader, are unsettling.

Here’s a taste of what they talked about.

Richard Spencer: “The the ideal of a white ethnostate, and it is an ideal, is something that I think we should think about in the sense of what could come after America. It’s kind of like a grand goal. It’s very similar to in the 19th century when the left had ideals of communism. It was you know, politics is the “art of the possible.” But philosophy is kind of the “art of the impossible,” so to speak. So that they were imagining a new society. And at some point they brought it into being. A similar thing could be said of Jews in the 19th century who were imagining Zionism. There’s a Jewish state in the Middle East. That was impossible. That did not exist.”

Al Letson: “Richard, respectfully man, like so are you saying that like America has to end in order for your ethnostate to happen? Because if you are trying to have a white ethnostate, what you’re basically saying is that you have to forcibly remove people. Because I got to tell you like I’m African-American and I’m not leaving.”

Later in the interview:

Al Letson: “What’s the difference between you and the racists that like, you know, hung people up from trees? What’s the difference between you and the Klansmen that burned crosses on peoples’ lawns?”

If it intrigues you, queue it up; you get so much more hearing the audio, with the pauses, inflection and added texture of sound.



2 thoughts on “A Frank Conversation with a White Nationalist [Reveal]

  1. Thanks Cindy. I listened to the interview and have heard this many times before. If you scrape the surface I find hate, intolerance and racism. These deplorables are neo-nazis. I felt nausea as I was listening to Spencer talk.Wonder if he will be speaking at Berkeley any time soon.


  2. What’s unsettling is how calmly Spencer presents his points; no crazy shouting (at least in this interview) or obvious angry energy. That’s scary for me as it gives him a sheen of “reasonableness,” until you listen to what he’s saying. I don’t know if you knew that Letson did a follow-up interview with Spencer, about the family cotton farms. That was equally as good a program. Thanks for the note!



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