Walk the Goats [Blog]

KidGoat2This is not a post about podcasts.

It’s a post about another blog. A blog I’m writing. That, so far, is completely unrelated to podcasts. Although, they may find their way into it.

It’s called Walk the Goats. 

My other blog is about mindfulness, personal exploration, the world being a stage and us being characters. But not just being one character, being a bunch of characters.

Sometimes the words we hear coming out of our mouths are words we swore we’d never say as a kid. (“My you’ve grown,” said to young children, is one of those for me.)

We sound like our (mother) (father) (teacher) (fill-in-the-blank) who we swore we’d be different from.

We get upset when we don’t want to.

We drive cars, intent on going to destination A, only to find ourselves pulling into destination D.

None of these things are things we intend to say or do. So if we aren’t planning on saying or doing them, who is doing the saying and doing?

Who are all those characters?

In my blog I explore these characters. And how viewing them as characters helps create some mindfulness space; space between the character who shows up, and the place from where I actually want to respond.

Stop by and check it out.


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