Curated Podcast Playlists

Bodega Beach Feb 2014 (3)This blog is my space to share podcast episodes I’ve found educational, enlightening, insightful, shocking, mind-bending and more. The pace at which I write versus the pace at which new podcast episodes are released is like a snail to a Ferrari.  I’ve no reservations about writing about a podcast episode released two years ago. When something is good and it stays good, it deserves recognition.  Pursuing Podcasts is a slow-curation project.

I love slow-savoring my podcasts. I relish keeping track of episodes I’ve listened to, jotting down notes about why they resonated for me.  I love anticipating the release of a RadioLab, Hidden Brain, Reveal, This American Life or Note to Self episode. I know and adore these shows.

But…there’s a flood of new episodes from well-established podcasts overwhelming me. Plus there’s a profusion of brand new podcasts being created daily. The fear of missing out on new stuff is nipping around the edges of my consciousness.

“There are 250,000 podcasts and more than 15 million episodes. Over a billion minutes of entertainment, education and information at your fingertips.
How do you choose?”

I’d love to find ways to have current episodes curated for me.  Some playlists created. If only….

Curated Podcast Playlists

Which is why an article out of with the following headline caught my attention: “Curated by RadioPublic.” Yes. Curated podcast playlists.

RadioPublic “narrows what you could hear to what you should. Whether you are new to podcasts and not sure where to start, or a long-time listener with dozens of existing subscriptions, RadioPublic can help.”

Most podcast “best of” lists recommend podcasts, not specific episodes. I’m wanting episode recommendations. That’s what I try and do here. That’s part of what RadioPublic does.

Go to their web site and check out some playlists: “Lazy Sunday,” “Deeper Melodies,” “History Podcasts by Women.” Kind of like a TED Talk playlist…only of audio podcasts rather than video TED Talks.  Curated collections of a variety of podcast episodes covering a similar topic from a different angle by different podcasters. If you’re new to podcasts, this could help ease you into them.

Been listening for a while? Download the RadioPublic app (Android or Apple) and explore more playlists. Check out podcasts by category and popularity.  You can use it as your podcast player or just check out their playlists.

I use the native app on my phone as my podcast player, but after poking around on the RadioPublic app a bit, I’m gonna give it a test drive. Anyone out there already using it? What do you think???

~ Cindy



11 thoughts on “Curated Podcast Playlists

  1. I like to listen to podcasts, I even like the Ted talks ones which I find that the teachers sometimes use for class lectures. They are very informative and there’s always something you can find to educate yourself more on a topic. I think they are great and free too? Right? That’s cool that you’ve developed a playlist of podcasts, I’ve never thought of that but that’s a great idea. I think I will try that on my iPad next time. Thanks for all the great information here, great post! cs57.11

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    1. Interesting to hear that teachers sometimes use TED talks as part of their class lectures. If you like those, there’s a podcast (audio only, not video) called the TED Radio Hour. Each show is “centered on a common theme,” and the podcast includes excerpts of multiple different, but related TED talks, and the host interviews the speakers to gain additional insights. And, yes, totally free! (at least ones I listen to!)

      I hope you explore podcasts some more. I’ve found it’s a great way to get exposed to new ideas, unusual perspectives and some laughs. And listening pairs well with doing something that doesn’t require a lot of brain power!

      Thanks for your comments and compliments!

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  2. I have never listened to Podcast, and you bring out a good point, Public Radio does narrow what you can listen too. I do like listening to Ted, and never thought of Podcast. Good advice, I’m going to give it a try. #CS5711

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    1. One you might like is the TED Radio Hour. They cover a single topic during the podcast, and draw upon multiple TED talks (parts of them) plus they interview the speaker. It’s a great way of getting multiple perspectives on a topic. Thanks for your thoughts!


  3. Hey Cary. Your comments sent me down a rabbit hole. A good rabbit hole but still a rabbit hole. I’m now subscribed to check out Forbes and Undiscovered. So many new shows. It’s exploding. Pretty crazy. My playlist keeps growing but the hours in a day aren’t changing. You still bogging? I’m overdue. No deadline isn’t good for me. Thanks for the note! Cindy


  4. Hi Cindy, I discovered your blog via the NYT Podcast Club – I’ve been thinking about discovering podcasts too. I love your idea of suggesting interesting episodes to your followers. You should check out to create a playlist of your recommendations and share a listener page with your followers so they can quickly listen to the list you’ve created.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Best!


    1. Hi Azhar! Thanks for your comment last month. My mea culpa apologies for not responding sooner. One of those “if I don’t reply the moment I see it, it gets buried” realities. I just did a quick check of podcastjockey. I need to look further as I’m not completely clear on the concept. Playlists? Lots of competing podcasts and catchers out there. Hard to stay up! Thanks for the link. Cindy


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