6 Facebook Podcast Groups to check out

PursuingPodcasts_AdobePodcasts are exploding. If you think you’re the only fanatical podcast listener out there…oh…how wrong you are. The medium is growing so fast, we can now swim in our own little niche genres; talk smack with fellow true crime fans; argue over which is the “best” podcast for making sense of our current political climate; find programs suitable for children…in different age groups; serve up our favorite humor programs. It is a mighty fine time to join the podcast train.

To help you find your way, I bring you…

Facebook Podcast Groups

Yes! Facebook is blooming with groups devoted to listening to podcasts. If you want to find a place to hang out, learn about new podcasts being created…and they are being birthed daily…and talk with fellow fanatics, check out the following Facebook Groups. And if you know of others, add your comments below. It will help others ferret out Groups.

I recently joined the Groups below–some of which are new themselves–and discovered a range of activity on them. Poke around and see what you like.  The descriptions are how the FB Groups describe themselves.

  1. The New York Times Podcast Club. “The NYT Podcast Club is a community of podcast lovers who discuss one episode of one podcast every week — basically, a book club for podcasts. It’s a forum for conversation, analysis and spreading the love of podcasts.” In addition, every Saturday they have “Self-Promotion Saturday,” so if you want to be on the leading-edge of new podcasts, definitely check out Saturday posts! 15,655 members.
  2. Podcast Brunch Club. “Like book club, but for podcasts. PBC is a community of engaged podcast listeners. Every month we explore a theme by way of 1-5 hours of podcast listening selections. The online forums (Facebook group, Twitter, newsletter) are a great way to engage, but what we really want to do is transcend technology and get people together in person. PBC chapters meet face-to-face and discuss that month’s selections.” 513 members.
  3. Podcasts We Listen To. “Got a podcast you love? Something you think everyone should hear? Need another one to fill a spot in your playlist? Let’s talk about…Podcasts We Listen To.” 9,441 members.

Just before hitting “publish,” I did a quick search in Facebook to see if any other groups popped up and…yes more appeared.  Which confirms my sense of a growing, visible, connecting community. Prediction? If you search again in a month, there will be more groups. For now, here are some others; some target the podcast producers themselves; others are more listener-oriented.

  1. Podcast. “This group is for the discussion of podcasts, podcasting, and podcast-related topics. Any and all people are welcome, whether they’re podcasters, podcast-listeners, or just podcast-curious.” 2,295 members.
  2. Podcast Growth Mastermind. “The Podcast Growth Mastermind is a group for you, the entrepreneur, marketer, author and coach who wants to hack podcasting, as well as the podcaster eager to learn how to grow, make an impact with and monetize your show.” 1,047 members.
  3. Podcast Community. No Group description, but this Group appears to be a group of podcast producers gathering and exploring the medium, including technical stuff.  They also make references to conferences, so this could be a great place to learn more about the industry. 8,333 members.




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