Visit my Pursuing Podcasts Pinterest Board!


2 thoughts on “Visit my Pursuing Podcasts Pinterest Board!

  1. Cindy,
    Your blog is awesome! I am not a podcast listener but I’m really reconsidering it after some of your posts. I really like how your posts are structured and organized and how your blog layout is extremely accessible and clean. The topics are very interesting and I appreciate how concise you are without losing meaning in your posts (yay for quick reads that promote interesting topics). Also, your help page is a great addition.The only suggestion (and this is a little nitpicky) is that I wish your homepage background photo was more related to your blog topic. While the abstract art piece is nice, it would be really cool to see some faces, someone using headphones, a collage of images etc. that depict some of the content you’re interested in. So glad I got to check out your blog 🙂 #CS5711


  2. Hey Wineflixandwill!

    What a nice comment. If my blog gets you to poke around in podcasts, then it’s a success!

    I absolutely agree with you re: the background photo on my home page (and ALL my pages). I’ve been thinking about that lately and do plan to change it, once I see how long I stick with this “post-class.” Hah! Donald freaked me out about using photos I find on-line so all my photos, except one, have been my own stuff. Some of them worked remarkably well (the “Eye in the Sky” post), but you’re right, the Header Photos need to better reflect the topic. Thanks for nudging me; I knew it, but since not too many folks actually read my blog (yet!), it didn’t seem urgent.

    I did a quick stop-by at your blog and it’s on my list to explore. It looked great! Cindy


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